How to use the Zeus Tool: A Tutorial

Forecast Page

So you’re trying to decide if Zeus Weather is the right option for you. We understand that before signing up for a subscription you want to know what you’ll be getting. Check out this tutorial to see how the Zeus Tool works and what it can do to save you time, money, and frustration.


Special advisory: powerful information is headed your way!

Site Templates PageWhen you first start out you won’t have any launch sites. The Client Portal is easy to use and you’ll have sites and templates up and viewable in no time! Creating a template is a beneficial way to speed up the process. Say you use multiple sites in the US that all have the same limitations. Just create a template, name it whatever you like—for example, United States Sites—and choose it from the Site Configuration drop down menu  to populate your New Launch Site Form for all your similar sites.

How to view all your sitesViewing Sites on Overview

Say you have a Plus Subscription—you can create up to five launch site locations. You may think having multiple locations would be hard to view and monitor. Not with Zeus Weather! You can see all your locations on one map at the Overview Page. From here you can see what the weather is currently, and you can choose any site to see its 7 day forecast.


Using Forecasts and Hourly Breakdown

forecast easy

We know you don’t have a lot of time to spend sifting through model data to find the perfect time to launch. That’s why we’ve made the 7 day Forecast easy to read with “GO” / “NO GO” forecasts. What if you see a “NO GO” on the day you hoped to launch? Don’t give up yet! Remember, the Zeus Forecast shows a “NO GO” when there are not 6 consecutive hours that your requirements are being met. Check the details to see if there are any “GO” hours. See that? If you can get your team up for a 5 am start you can launch on the day you want!

Proving to your friends/boss/self you can launch

weather report

So you’ve committed to launching on your hoped-for day and your coworkers don’t believe you? With Zeus Weather you can download and print the report to show them why launching that day will work! Choose from downloading your chosen day’s report, or go for the whole week! The reports are PDFs so you don’t even have to print them—just take your tablet over to your boss and demonstrate your wisdom.

We hope this tutorial has helped inform you about the Zeus Tool. As always, if you have any questions about subscriptions, pricing, or what Zeus can do for you, email us at